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South Africans are not happy about Angie Motshega



Fellow South Africans are not happy about the way Motshega has handled the issue of the Covid19 pandemic on school after the speech she has made on Saturday afternoon, where she hits many opposition parties so hard about how the school will adhere to lockdown regulations.

After a lot of advice and warnings from the EFF, the country is still at a high risk of the third wave of corona wave which has started to cause havoc on any provinces, across the country, which has forced the president to implant the right rules on Tuesday.

The Limpopo province is an example of this issue where several schools have been closed in the province, because of the high number of people who are been infected with this virus.

South Africans were so angry about the decision that the minister has to wear have avowed the school to be open, this didn’t make many parents happy as they are concern about the safety of their children in schools.

The Twitter world has been getting a lot of messages about this matter where they don’t allow the decision, that has been made, and they are starting to support Julius Malema when he wanted to shut down all schools in the country.

Can EFF close the schools on Monday as they have promised to do or Motshega will have to use this as a way to make sure that children are attending schools, every day because she promised was that teachers will be vaccinated before the winter holidays?

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