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More schools have been closed in Limpopo



The Covid19 pandemic has put the department of education in Limpopo under siege after many schools were closed in this province, so that they can try to fight the pandemic and this means that the people of Limpopo are experiencing tough times because of this virus.

After the president has implemented tight lockdown rules in the country on Tuesday the minister of education is expected to address the country, on Saturday afternoon about measures she will be taking on her department to fight this virus on our schools and help Limpopo province.

The fact is that the education of this country is under threat because of this virus were many people ate getting a high infection of this virus, and in provinces like Limpopo, we’re not meant to go through this period because of the hot weather that is on that province.

It is also good for the department to close those school they cannot put the life of the learner and teachers at risk, because they are meeting different people on their way to school and this makes they spreading to be dangerous.

It will be more difficult for students to go back to school after hearing such bad news about the virus in the province, where they will need more counseling to deal with those issues that are affecting them every day in their province.

Can the province bounce back from this challenge because it’s getting more difficult every day in this country. The third wave of this virus has caused more damage where people need to be more careful about their movement.

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