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Bushiri was in South Africa this year



There has been another sensitive information about the arrivals of Prophet Bushiri that he made in this country during the past months, we’re it was reported that the leader of Enlighten Christians Gathering has been coming to South Africa without anyone noticing.

This means the man of God has been making his way in South Africa illegally because if he gets on a legal way he might be arrested by the police, as he escapes the country last year where he broke his bail rules that were given by the magistrate court. But they might also be something strange going on this time where other officials know about this issue.

Who did Bushiri bribe to make his way into the country where they are many officers of the law on the borders and airports, maybe this is what the government should be looking at to make sure that those people are been arrested by the police.

It looks like there’s no love lost between Major 1 and South Africa but when things get worse for him he escapes to his home country, but These are just the issues that the government should be looking at to ensure that such things won’t be happening again.

It is also undermining the constitution of this country to see someone who has been granted bail and run from it then make his way back without been arrested, this is very bad as the country is still trying to make sure that there’s safe within our borders.

But this means that the state is not taking the people of this country and their rights seriously, maybe Bushiri’s allegations were not real, because if it were serious something could have happen so that the prophet can account for what he did in this country.

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