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Swaziland Clarifies On Offer to Tackle Men Shortage



Royal Invitation: Swaziland Offers 5 Wives And Free Houses to Address Shortage of Men?

The internet stirred with chatter over the weekend as news spread that Swaziland has a shortage of men.

A statement, purportedly from the Southern African kingdom, claimed that the country was experiencing a deficit of men and was inviting South African men to obtain citizenship to address this imbalance.

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Alleged Royal Statement Raises Eyebrows

The statement purportedly issued by King Mswati III stated that Swaziland was concerned by with the ‘scarcity of men”. The king encouraged South African men to apply for Swazi citizenship, and to sweeten the deal, the statement promised them a minimum of five wives, with the Swazi government covering the costs of their weddings. Additionally, men who took up the offer were assured of receiving free houses.

The statement, allegedly issued by King Mswati III, read:

With reference to the King Mswati III ‘s Swaziland King public declaration that his nation is greatly concerned with the scarcity of men, he is therefore informing citizens from Southern African Nations to apply for nationality in Swaziland.

“I, King Mswati III, the King of Swaziland, invite citizens from Southern African Nations to apply for nationality in my land , therefore here’s the deal, marry at least five wives and you’re assured that my government will pay for the marriage ceremonies & buy houses for you.

Application forms for this exercise are obtained in all public offices of all Southern African Nations except Malawi.

Kindly regards!


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Swaziland Addresses Men Shortage Notice

After the letter gained traction on several social media platforms, the Eswatini government took to X (formerly Twitter) to set the record straight. In a brief statement, the Eswatini government dismissed the claims, labelling the circulated notice as fake.

“The public is notified that this circulating notice is fake,” the Eswatini government said in a short statement posted on X.

As of now, the identity of the individual or group responsible for crafting the fraudulent letter, which managed to excite some social media users in southern Africa, remains unknown.

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