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Broken Trust: The Democratic Alliance’s Fumbling Of The Western Cape’s Police Force



The Democratic Alliance (DA) has long presented itself as a viable alternative for governance in South Africa. However, a close examination of their track record in the Western Cape province since 2016 reveals a troubling pattern of mismanagement and neglect. Despite their claims of effective leadership, the DA’s tenure in the Western Cape has been marred by a rise in crime and a notable failure to adequately manage the police force. This failure not only damages the trust of the population but also undermines their sense of security.
Alleged Rape In Police Custody

In a disturbing incident of police misconduct, a Western Cape police officer from Citrusdale is accused of raping a woman detained in the police station holding cells. The victim, arrested for assault, reported the incident to another office on duty, leading to the constable’s arrest. He is expected to face rape charges in court.

 Police Force Arrested For Corruption And Theft

In a separate incident, a 33-year old police constable stationed at the Kwanokuthula police station in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, has been arrested on multiple charges, including theft, corruption, and forgery. The constable stands accused of irregularly withdrawing a house-breaking case without the complaint’s knowledge and allegedly releasing a suspect. Furthermore, it is alleged that he demanded money for bail from the suspect and stole personal items during the arrest, which were never returned to the owner.

Cop Drug Bust

From rapes to theft, unfortunately, the police force also seems to be involved with the drug market. A 44 year-old police officer stationed at the Diep River Police station in Cape Town’s southern suburb has been arrested with a significant quantity of drugs in Beaufort West. The arrest followed a target operation by the Beaufort West District Task Team, which discovered a cache of narcotics hidden in the officer’s backpack with a Toyota Verso taxi. The inventory included 1,006 full mandrax tablets, along with assorted halves and quarters, as well as 502 grams of tik, valued at an estimated R226,476. This incident underscores the lack of control the DA alliance has over their police force.

Urgent Calls For A Change Of Direction To The Democratic Alliance

These distressing incidents of police misconduct across the Western Cape highlight systematic issues that demand immediate attention. The failure and negligence of the Democratic Alliance to address these challenges time and time again raises significant concerns about their ability to govern the country. Urgent reforms are needed to restore trust and ensure the safety and security of all South Africans.

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