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Six SANDF soldiers artested for bribery of R15000 on Betbridge border to allow stolen cars to cross the border



There has been a lot of corruption that has been happening on the border post lately we’re foreigners are charging government officials, to enter the country illegally without providing proper documents to enter the country.

This comes after six soldiers were arrested at the Beitbridge birder this week due to accepting R15000 bribery for foreigners who do criminal activities in the country, this caused a huge tension in the country where many people are losing their hopes in these officials.

Reports are that these people have been meeting the people who still cars in the country to pass the border, and this looks like these soldiers are in business with these people because they give them a lot of money as they pass the border.

Government has to come up with a plan that can help the people of this country in the local borders because these people are the ones who do violence in the country, some of them have been accused of robbing cash in transit vehicles.

But they are a lot of things that need to be done to ensure that there’s safety in the borders, but loyalty is what people officials need to have so that they can serve the people of this country with all their heart.

Some procedures need to be followed like the deployment of the soldiers on these borders because they are the ones who are been involved in these issues of corruption, they must also be monitored every day.

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