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Lockdown level 5 is knocking in the country



Cyril Ramaphosa has been getting worried about the spreading of the virus in the Gauteng province where they are high numbers of people getting infected, this matter is getting worse every day where the president is forced to make huge changes in the upcoming days.

This means possibilities are high in the country of the president taking use to the level5 of lockdown, which might cause havoc in the country because the economy of the country is still not stable, and having tight rules might cause more chaos.

The premier of the province David Makhura also said they will have to implement tough rules in the province to slow the spreading of this virus, but things have start to hit the province where many people are dying every day because of this pandemic.

Another family meeting might be hosted soon so that the president might announce level5 of this lockdown, this means the situation will be bad as last year where many people will be staying at home and the movement in all provinces can be stopped.

This is what South Africans must the coming days and weeks because it’s very dangerous to walk every morning in the taxi ranks knowing that you might be infected, and it will be good if people can all be vaccinated then they will return to work.

The third wave is hitting people so hard and they must take care of themselves so that they can be safe, because this virus infects people easy and this might put the lives of many people at risk.

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