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Tembisa 10 stories might be over now as Piet Rampedi makes apology to his staff about misleading information



Piet Rampedi has sent a heartfelt apology to the staff of the independent news that reported this news that went viral in the country, about the woman who gave birth to 10 children in the children last week which has captured the attention of many people.

This story was a huge story that anyone was talking about on social media platforms, we’re many people started to celebrate the achievement that this woman got when she was reported giving birth to these children.

According to Rampedi, he was stood to the information that she got to the mother of the children who has told him about the birth of this children, because the information started to appear in December we’re the scan of the baby showed that the woman was going to give birth to this babies.

After giving birth Rampedi was allowed to publish this story which was most loved by many people across the world because such things are not happening often, but this time news makes the rainbow nation happy about this issue.

The mother of Ekhureleni Mzwandile Masina also confirmed that he saw these children and this issue was real but now things have taken another turn, but the mother of the children is still staying on her story that the government took her children and they want to make money with them by getting donations.

People have made a lot of reactions to this story and they very angry about this is due that there’s no such story, but this looks complicated than before as Piet Rampedi shows that he mislead by this story.

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