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“I don’t care”, Mgilija strikes



Mgilija Nhleko says he doesn’t care what Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi or the royal house says about him and his support for Zuma. This comes after the Zulu Royal House released a statement condemning Mgilija for going to Nkandla to show support for former president Jacob Zuma. Mgilija was in Nkandla with a group of men draped in some Zulu attire, posed as Amabutho. According to the statement, which was released by Buthelezi, those men were not Amabutho as king MisuZulu had not authorized any deployment of Amabutho to Nkandla.

The controversial Mgiliha has hit back at Zulu traditional prime minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and the Zulu Royal Family. He told reporters that he is not bothered by what Mangosuthu is saying. “The traditional attire we are wearing is ours. The royal family did not buy us the attire. What did they want us to wear, the Zion uniform?” Nhleko asked angrily during his interview.

But Mgilija has always been troublesome since the death of King Goodwill Zwelithini. This was bound to happen. It’s sad that politics had to be part of it. But politics didn’t hold them at ransom, they know exactly where they stand. It actually started with Buthelezi himself and the ANC followed. They are not as united as they have been displaying. May the force be with the royal family.

This never would have happened if Bayede was still alive.The Zulu Royal family is now at war with itself over allowing external political influence.

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