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S*x with ex: 6 things that can go surprisingly good or terribly wrong



The thought of having sex with an ex-partner is not something new.

It’s difficult to say in plain words whether it’s a bad or a good idea because there is a reason why they are the protagonists of a closed chapter of your life that has the lowest recall value.

But when one is going through a long (almost never ending) dry spell or has the most boring inactive dating life, the idea of making out with your ex might cross your mind. It’s quite normal.

But it has its own positives as well. No kidding! You both know what exactly turns you on and how to pleasure each other.

Whether you like to have sex with lights on or off, your favourite songs, expectations, et al. You won’t have any apprehensions, nor would you feel any jitters that you get when you do it for the first time with a new person.

For many, it might be a better experience than having a one-night stand, or sleeping with a guy you have newly met. Plus, if you had a sex life with him before, you know it’s going to be a safe experience.

As far as it is consensual and both are on the same page emotionally, nothing is wrong or right in having sex with your ex.

In case you plan to have a session of hot sex with your ex, here are some things that you might come across…

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