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“Leave my womb alone,” Liesl Laurie reacts to pregnancy rumors



Liesl Laurie wants people to stop the pregnancy rumors

Liesl Laurie has warned people to stop monitoring her womb.

The South African star was rumored to be pregnant, almost a year after tying the knot with Dr Musa Mthombeni.

Taking to her Instagram account on Monday, the former Miss SA frowned at the pregnancy rumors and people observing her body.

“Leave my womb alone. Leave other women’s wombs alone,” she began.

“Whether I am or not (let’s be clear, I am not) I just feel like you guys want to be seen,” she continued.

“This culture of wanting to be seen or wanting to be first, you guys need to stop it. When women are ready to tell you whether or not they want to procreate, or whether or not they are pregnant, or whether or not they will be expecting, they will do so within their time.”

“You guys are honestly and truly starting to piss me off… I am really really tired of this happening on my posts and on other women’s posts,” she said.

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