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Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda has died



Another sad news has hit the African continent this afternoon after the announcement that the former Zambian president has died, Kaunda was admitted to the hospital earlier this week after a short illness.

This is a huge loss to the people of South Africa as well because he contributed a lot during the struggle of apartheid, we’re most of the struggle leaders were hiding in Zambia so that they cannot be arrested.

His relationship with the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was very good because he was helping with accommodation, and most struggle heroes were getting military training on the African continent.

Sadness has striking in the African soul because sons of the continent have lost a father that was encouraging them to embark on this journey, we’re most leaders are pushing for economic freedom in the continent.

This is a loss to many Zambian people because they were enjoying the words of wisdom that they were getting from, which is what made the country prosper during difficult times.

Kaunda dies at the age of 97 years and this has been a big blessing that some these days can achieve to live those years, people across the world are starting to send their message to the family of this man.

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