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Step parents tried to sell their daughter by R40 million to human trafficking



South Africans are left shocked after Hedleburg parents in Gauteng we’re exposed for trying to sell their daughter for R40million to human traffickers, this has been a huge to many people in this province after the police have made this discovery.

A stepmother and a stepgrandfather tried to sell this 13 years girl to a sex syndicate in the province before she was rescued, by the police in the area, after the hardship of abuse that they went through because of her parents.

Money has turned people into doing bad things where they are selling their children to be sex slaves and this is a bad thing for this country, but the police have done wonderful things to make sure that those who are involved are been put on.

But it is so disappointing to see how people are doing this horrible thing to children and as a parent you had to make sure that you treat your child well, not to abuse her and turn her into prostitution and gain money from that wrongdoing.

South Africa has been facing a lot of challenges lately we’re young girls have been the victims of human trafficking in this country, where they steal this girl and do dirty things to them which is not good.

Because the law of this country has been very clear when it comes to the abuse of women and children, and now the justice system is doing everything in its power to give those involved heavy sentences.

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