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Maritzburg united could be set to sell the club



Although the income of the club fell sharply, the board managed to keep the players’ wages, the greatest expense in running a football team.

“Our income dropped sharply, but not the wages of the players, the main expense for any team. We appreciate the Municipality’s financial limits, but think we have helped to promote social cohesiveness in the city.

“If we must move, in Maritzburg you’re probably not going to scent another PSL club,” Kadodia stated.

In order to avoid having to sell its franchise, the team needs greater financial muscle. Kadodia claims the R9-million debt stands.

“There are loans to the club from the directors to stay on the Premier Soccer League. We have an enormous struggle to keep the club going without losing additional money.

“We hope the monthly PSL grant does not rise next season following the last two seasons.

“We need to raise revenue or otherwise, if that possibility comes again, we need to explore franchise bids or contemplate selling matches to other municipalities.

“You might say that the directors had bore the responsibility of keeping the club afloat for about 11 years if you take out the six years that we received Council support because we didn’t have any club title sponsors.”

“It was sometimes that we opened up to bring new investors into the club by providing shares, but they came out of business because interested people generally believed that they did not have sufficient returns on investments, after taking everything into account.”

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