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Big ups to Ladies House Group for reaching out to MaShelembe – Mnakwethu



Tuesday night episode on Mzansi Magic’s Mnakwethu left many viewers heartbroken, after MaShelembe’s husband, Langa, disrespected her by taking a second wife without her knowledge.

The show, which is hosted by a polygamist, Musa Mseleku seeks to help married men introduce isithembu (polygamy) to their wives.

Langa, from KwaZulu-Natal wanted Mseleku to assist him in getting permission from his wife, MaShelembe, to accept his mistress MaSithole as his second wife.

Mashelembes situation did really touch a lot of people hence they wanto assist her In everything she is on need of . Her husband went and married a second wife without her knowledge. And also he has been disappearing from home for months, so it is believed that he might have went to the second wife now people wants to assist her and help her out of the suffering shes going through. First of all a women called Noma Merika posted a video looking for her , she has a job for her at Gauteng and also Sikhumbuzo from Twitter also asked people to assist.

Mashelembe received a lot of gifts and donations from the public so she can move out and start a new life of her own, with her kids independently and away from her husband.

Mashelembe is truly blessed as she has received all sorts of gifts and donations from the viewers which include; A job offer, a place to stay in Johannesburg, helping to start farming and land for planting. Furthermore, she got gifts, airtime data, clothing, a smartphone, cash and spar treatment.

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