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Killer cop Ndlovu has been acting strange lately, see details



Killer cop Ndlovu is the woman who has been causing the headline all this week due to her trial in a court where she has killed many of his family members, because of the insurance money that she was claiming after she has finished doing the killings of this person who are her family.

The woman is just something else because he is not a concern as she looks friendly when she appears to court and this might show how guilty she is, or maybe it’s the evidence that the police has gathered against her that makes her accept the consequences of her actions.

She has not been in a good relationship with the photographers this day where he was insulting them when he was taking pictures to live in court, which might make things difficult for her because her actions show it all that she is a violent person that has serious anger management problems.

She has been exposed and there is no way to run for her because the evidence leads straight to her where she has ordered hits on many people, maybe she has been treated well on the prison cells because she has been the cop and her connection noght be working for him this time.

But the judge will have an easy job when t comes to his judgment because this woman looks like she does not respect the court system, and this might make the magistrate harsh on her when she lays her judgment in the months to come which might be heavy for her.

With the crimes that she did the public won’t be easy on her and they will be looking for the judge to make an example with her so that many criminals won’t do this crime, and this has shocked many people who never thought a cop will do this mostly to her own family that she loves.

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