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Breaking News| Skeem Saam’s Sis Ouma passed away



Another legendary actor from Skeem Saam passed on. Sad to annouce that Nokuzola Mlenganan who plays a role of Sis Ouma on Skeem Saam that airs from SABC1 weekdays 6:30pm passed on.

Nokuzola Mlenganan the is a South African actress who currently playing Sis Ouma in Skeem Saam show casting on SABC1.

Co-stars and fans tease her by calling her the late Bloomer due to the fact that she started her acting career at the age of 45 years.

Nokuzola was born and bred in Eastern cape in 1963 but she has currently relocated in Johannesburg.

Nokuzola dropped out of school in grade 11 after falling pregnant and did not went back to finish school due to peers teasing her.

She has to sell clothes and groceries just to fend for her an her daughter. Nokuzola was married at 1997 but few years later got divorced and decided to go for every audition she heard about, just to cure a broken heart from divorce and fortunately that how she landed a role of Sis Ouma in Skeem Saam.

Getting to know Sis Ouma: Nokuzola Mlenganan

1. I am a person that values my family and will protect them at any point. If you do bad to my family, you have done bad to me. I’ll come for you! Lol! Their love and support for me has gotten me through really tough times.

2. I am a very spiritual person and love all things that have to do with God. The person that motivates me a lot is Joel Osteen and I never miss his talks on TV. My favorite TV programs are the ones that speak of religion and God.

3. My favorite genre of music is mbhaqanga music, but my favorite artist of all time is Lucky Dube. To this day, I still play his music on a daily.

3. Sis Ouma and Nokuzola are very different. Nokuzola is someone who loves fashion and always wears the latest trending closes. On the other hand, Sis Ouma is all about her wig and her uniform.

4. When I was younger, I used to run marathons and always made sure that I remain healthy. I encourage young people out there to stay active and stop using things that harm their bodies. Today, even though I am unable to run like I used to, I still make sure I complete a 5-10KM walk/run a day.

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