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Reality TV Star Priscilla Masanabo Faces Eviction Drama Over Family House Amidst Heated Dispute



Reality TV star Priscilla Masanabo finds herself embroiled in a real-life drama with her uncle over a family house in Vosloorus, situated on the East Rand. Priscilla claims that she transformed the house into a livable space after renovating it, but now she faces eviction.

The dispute that left her homeless centers around an extension cord. According to Priscilla, her uncle attempted to use an extension cord in her bedroom without seeking her assistance. In the process, he accidentally knocked over a cupboard containing a Buddha statue and her obsidian pixiu bracelet, which had been discreetly hidden behind a photo frame. When he tried to switch on the electricity plug, Priscilla’s silver platter, housing the precious bracelet, fell to the ground. Reacting swiftly, she intervened to prevent further damage. Priscilla recounted the incident: “After the heartbreaking incident, I remained calm. I told him not to touch my bracelet, and that’s when all hell broke loose.” She described her uncle’s relentless use of expletives and demeaning words, with even her older uncle joining in the heated exchange. Priscilla lamented the changed dynamics within their once-close family: “We all grew up together and loved each other, but things are different now”.

The family house, neglected for years, became Priscilla’s refuge after her divorce. She resided there alone following the renovations. However, once her family witnessed the transformation, they expressed interest in returning. Ironically, they had previously referred to the house as “igogogo” (a tin house). Now, her uncle insists on staying in the house, despite her efforts to make it habitable. To complicate matters further, he brought his twin sons to live with them, resulting in chaos.

Living in the house has become a nightmare for Priscilla. Her uncle’s constant reminders of her surname add to the distress. She feels trapped and abused, longing for the days when their family bonds were stronger. Currently, Priscilla seeks refuge with her fellow cast member, Ninkie Moabelo. When asked for comment, her uncle, Sipho Masanabo, responded with expletives, asserting that the house did not belong to Priscilla. The situation remains tense, leaving Priscilla caught in the crossfire of family conflict.

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