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Reality| Skeem Saam Zamo reflects on tragedy happend when he was young



Clement Maosa Reflect On A Tragedy That Happened In His Family When He Was Younger.

Clement Maosa Reflect On A Tragedy That Happened In His Family When He Was Younger. No matter how far his success may go, one thing we know about actor and lawyer Clement Maosa is that he is very much still connected to where he comes from and never forgets his humble beginnings.


Taking to Instagram, the actor reflected on a tragedy that occurred in his family when he was young that turned out to be one of the many things that fuel his fire to be the best at what he does.

Clement shared a throwback wedding picture of what seem like his grandparents Tlou and Mosima Maosa, sharing that this was the time when they were getting engaged to be married. Apparently it wasn’t long until the pair struggled with their health and unfortunately succumbed to their illnesses a year later.

When the tragedy occurred, Clement was still very young but he remembers hearing a lot of stories and accusations going around the community and his family.

This then resulted in a huge family war around his teen years that formed a divide in the family, and this meant that time to grieve and mourn the deaths of their loved ones was not enough as things were moving very fast.

This influenced the the actor and his family to relocate and remove themselves from the negativity so they can get a fresh start.

“This was their engagement celebration before the wedding, and immediately after the celebration they both started having health issues then eventually passed on a year later. I was young but I heard all kinds of accusations/allegations from everyone, community members, family, church people and just passerby what was the cause of their deaths and as a teenage I was confused and the family war erupted and we didn’t even get the time to grief or mourn as everything happened so fast. The only solution was to relocate with my siblings from that village, switch off the noise and somehow started afresh” he wrote.

He continued to share how his grandparents started from nothing and made something of themselves through their business.

They were the first people to have a white wedding in a place and time where it was rare, which made a lot of people envious. Clement seems to think that if his grandparents had not married they would still be alive but he is making sure to change the narrative.

Clement Maosa Reflect On A Tragedy That Happened In His Family When He Was Younger

“Healing is a process and no one should predict when and how to deal with it. The fact that two domestic workers who were already written off were now emerging in business and had a white wedding in the village didn’t sit well with many for some weird reason, at some point I believed that had they not get married and had a huge wedding celebration they would still be alive. Anyway it’s all in the past now I’m just rewriting history that’s all” Maosa wrote.

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