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Qwabe Twins Land An Acting Gig On Pastor Mjosty’s New Sitcom



At least it’s something! Former Idols SA contestants Viggy and Virginia now popularly known as Qwabe Twins have been cast to act on Pastor Mjosty’s new sitcom 731 Nina Street.

If you don’t know Pastor’s Mjosty, he has been around for quite some time you might have seen recently on eHostela where he starred as 2Litre but was fired after a misunderstanding with the show’s producers. And he has been producing low budget comedy movies for a number of years now.

Apparently, he has decided to take things to another level by producing a sitcom that will be aired on TV. Though it sounds like he is still trying to sell the show to TV channels or maybe still trying to get a slot.

Mjosty has openly talked about his show excitedly he told Daily Sun publication that the Qwabe Twins have started shooting. “It’s exciting to work with the twins. They’re bubbly, which makes everything easy. One cannot tell that it is their first acting gig. They act alongside other twins from Empangeni, KZN,” he said.

The ladies also sounded very exciting about the opportunity Viggy told the media that they have always wanted to act. “We’re happy for such an opportunity. This is our first acting gig and it’s exciting. We believe this gig is the start of great things, and we’re looking forward to others.”

What an interesting way to kick start their acting career.

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