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More problems at Eskom as loadsheding hits the country



Eskom has turned into a political battle where government officials have been accused of benefiting from this company.

But the government has been trying with all they had to make sure that the company gets enough money to function well.

But it appears that there are more problems in the public company which needs a serious intervention were many people will have too relieved from their duties.

The corruption that has been happening in this company has also been one of the problems that make this company struggle like this,

But what is more confusing is that the company falls under the department of public relations which has also been struggling to handle the affairs of South African airwaves.

This means that the president has to think otherwise for the sake of the people of this country that the company must now fall under the department of energy and minerals.

The reason is that the organization gets more coal from the mines so that it can produce electricity and if they add these two it can be beneficial for the rest of the country.

Because public relations has been run only by business-minded people who only looking at making money on the company but struggles to run it properly.

The public companies are struggling in this country because of the officials that are not well trained to run them successfully.

The CEO of Eskom has also been accused of racism which is scarier looking at how the government has been trying to add stability to their organization.

This has been a serious factor in all of this year’s but nothing good comes from it and more people are still struggling to get electricity on their homes.

And the question is who is going to be held responsible for this problem.

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