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Ramaphosa has thrown one of his own under the bus



Cyril Ramaphosa has just thrown Mr. Zelwi Mkhize under the bus due to the corruption cases that he is facing.

The presidents have released a statement regarding this issue saying that this case is very serious and the SIU must also intervene on this issue.

But the main factor is that how will it end as the minister will be investigated by the police and it might also be the end of the minister

And after all of this, we might start to hear another bombshell that will be dropped if he will want to join Zuma and Magashule, the team.

It might be going slowly but many people are starting to say that Mkhize will have to step aside due to the relationship that he has with Jacob Zuma.

But it will all go down after the investigation are been completed and this is a serious factor that needs to be dealt with,

Because it was expected that the issue will be dealt with internally on the corridors of Luthuli so that they can try to defend one of their own.

looking on how Gwede Mantashe has been implicated in corruption but nothing has happened to him.

But Mkhize will have to accept that the president has accepted the fact that he has to be investigated.

The politics in the Anc has taken another direction looking on how those who have supported Ramaphosa has been surviving all corruption allegation.

The likes of Zizi Kodwa we’re implicated bit nothing has happened and this has started to cause any confusion in the party which might become true one day.

The president is also under pressure and he wants to make example of those who have been accused of corruption because he has promised South African that arrests will be made soon.

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