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Jacob Zuma senteced for 15 months in prison



South Africans are left in person after Judge Khampepe made a ruling on the case of Jacob Zuma when he defied the court orders of appearing, before the state capture commission earlier on this year where he failed to attend the commission.

Things might hit up in the country as the Anc approaches the local elections in October where they will work try to work hard to make sure, that win the hearts of people in KwaZulu-Natal because it’s the stronghold of Jacob Zuma.

The military veteran has also sent a strong warning to the SAPS that they will protect the former president of the country if the police try to arrest, and this will be a hectic 5 days that was given by the constitutional court this morning.

It won’t be easy for the people of this country to handle all of this drama in the weeks to come, because Zuma is the influential person in the country and is followed by many people across the borders of the Southern African region.

Can Zuma hand himself to jail or he waits for the police to come to him and be defended by the police, this is something that the country will be hearing about in the weeks to come because this thing looks more dramatic than you can think.

The factions that are going on in the ruling party were also been tested by this matter, because the Anc was supposed to protect one of their own, but it all ended in tears for the former president.

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