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It might end bad in Nkandla



After the judgment that the former president Jacob Zuma was given on Tuesday, his family came out gun blazing, because they are not satisfied with how the judge has handled the case and this has caused them to not agree with court orders again.

Things will hectic in Nkandla because Zuma was given 15 months to report himself to the police station so that he can serve his sentence, but the family has announced that Zuma won’t report himself to the police station this week.

The son of former Jacob Zuma has told the media that they won’t let their father be arrested by the police, this means that the police will have to force themselves to go to Nkandla and arrest Zuma which can cause more distractions.

The MKMVA has been outside the house of Jacob Zuma for months to make sure that the president is safe, and now they have intensified the security in Nkandla to make sure that no police comes and arrest Zuma at his house.

The whole Zulu nation is also behind the firmer president to support him during these difficult times, this might end up in the blood as the war between the police and Zuma supporters is fully behind him.

Zuma is the influential person in the country and is most supported by many people across the whole continent, his contribution to fighting apartheid in this country has helped many people a lot.

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