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Gogo Skhotheni dumps husband –



Gogo Skhotheni, the reality TV star and DJ, has announced on social media that she broke up with her husband, Monde Shange. ZiMoja reported that the well-known sangoma, also known as Tumi Motsoeneng, walked away from her hubby because she did not love him anymore. The report said that Gogo Skhotheni lost her feelings for him, was unhappy with him, and chose to end things. Another report said there were whispers of cheating but the DJ and podcast host finally confirmed the news saying that the split was friendly. Gogo Skhotheni said she had been single for six months. In a social media post, the famous sangoma wrote. “I’ve been single for six months and people think I am in a relationship. Maybe it is because my breakup with my ex was a mature one.”

She also confirmed that they even unfollowed each other and the only reason that brings them together is their kids. “Whenever we are seen together it is because of our kids or business but besides anything, we are no longer together,” she added. “It has been a while that we even unfollowed each other on social media platforms. We officially broke up six months ago,” she added.

Gogo Skhotheni’s love life has always been controversial. Last year she surprised everyone when she talked about considering a polyandrous marriage. She said she liked the idea of having more than one partner, but her husband did not agree with it. A source close to the ex-couple said things have never been the same in her house ever since she mentioned the second husband. The source said that her husband was ashamed and hurt especially after she went on and dated someone. He said that Gogo Skhotheni is independent and strong – the relationship could no longer last because her hubby felt like she was the one in charge in the relationship.

Full Story Source: Gogo Skhotheni dumps husband – Savanna News

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