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Families of the died miners in North West will identify the bodies of their loved ones today



After a painful tragedy that has broken out at one of the dumped mines in Orkney North West last week, we’re illegal mines were killed by a bombing that has taken place in that area where several people died inside of that mine very badly.

Families of those people will come to Lesotho to identify the bodies of their loved ones on Monday, this is a process where the police need the families to confirm this person so that they can send them back to their home country.

This has been a challenge that the country is facing where illegal mines are hiring people from Lesotho to dig diamonds from them in the dumped mines, but this turns out to be a risky situation where they are using the dangerous objects.

Sometimes they become unlucky where these things cause havoc on their work where the rocks fall on them which becomes difficult for rescue teams, to help them when they have been trapped inside of the mines every day.

It looks like this mines have not learned their lessons on this tragedy that always strikes on .

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