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Earthquake has hit Jozi on Friday morning



The people of Johannesburg were left in fear on Friday morning after the 4.2 earth temper known as Earthquake has hit the province so bad which had started to make people asked several questions, about why is this continues to happen in this country where many people are not feeling safe.

This might cause damages in the years to come because the province has become the hot spot of this natural disaster that has been causing having in many countries across the world, and this thing is getting worse as it keeps happening in the country more often than years ago.

Can government come with a serious plan that can try to avoid this thing happening because if it continues like this many people can be left homeless, and this will be a huge loss to the country because the Covid19 pandemic has also created chaos that will take time before it can be fixed?

But this might also be difficult to stop because it’s a natural disaster and engineers can try to come with a strategy that can help people not lose their homes like reinforcing their buildings, with more equipment that can help when this disaster strikes in the country anytime.

One of the risky things that the people might focus on is ye mines that are located in the province where many people might be trapped inside, if this thing continues to happen in our communities because it’s where people as working underground and huge rocks can fall onto them.

Thank has happened before and now it is time to focus on these activities and prepare for them as it has been shown that it keeps happening in most parties of the world, but the country might be lucky tie now as many people didn’t get injured by this disaster and its win last forever.

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