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ICU nurses dances to Covid19 patients at the hospital



One military hospital in Pretoria has become one of the comfortable hospitals that any person can go to during this Covid19 pandemic, we’re doctors are doing anything so that they can cheer their patients who are been in the hospital where they are feeling the pains of coronavirus.

The nurses have been dancing very well this day where they were entertaining their patients and this has made a huge fun on the social media platforms, where people are so happy to see how nurses are very dedicated to their jobs this day where they are working overtime to heal the people.

Hospitals have been one of the hectic areas that any person in this country would not want to go to because most of the nurses can be very rough to the patients sometimes, and that’s where most people decided that they must pay expensive medical aids so that they can go to the private hospitals.

There’s a huge difference between these two sectors because the private hospital is giving people more services than the public hospital due to the money that people have paid, and this makes the doctors know that they must treat people well so that they can earn their salaries.

Most people have died during the pandemic and for patients to witness all these things is very scary and they need all the hopes that they need to make sure that they become better in the future, and they can go home so that they can provide for their loved ones who need food to it.

Can other hospitals try to learn from these nurses so that the patients can enjoy the good care that they need in the hospital where they are on a serious health condition, that can cause them to lose their life because Covid19 is very dangerous to the people of this country?

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