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Duduzane Zuma start his presidency campaign



Duduzane Zuma has been a busy guy this week when he was making many didn’t in the province of KwaZulu-Natal where he originates, and this has become the happy young ground for the young Msholozi after terrible months that he has been through.

He was seen as the corrupt guy when his father was still the president where the guy was arrested and after that, he was released, this damaged his identity a lot was his relationships with the Guptas family also created chaos.

But after coming back from Dubai the guy has been nothing but the most loved person in the country and his father name is still having some weight that can connect him with tge people, this time he was more hands-on reaching out to the people of this country were artist like Big Zulu can be a testimony to that.

In his statements, the young Zuma has called out the people of KwaZulu-Natal to make him the branch chairperson so that he can be the president of the country, and this has amazed many people in this country where Ramaphosa might have a tough competition going forward.

People have started to appreciate the young man where they have been saying that the guy is doing a lot of work for the Anc, we’re he makes the campaigns by himself, and Ramaphosa and other leaders are doing nothing.

Many young people are also looking forward to Zuma to become the president of the country because the country has been lead by old people, but to put the young blood in charge will be inspiring for this country as he looks more energetic.

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