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Concourt to take desicion on Zuma future tomorrow



The future of the former president Jacob Zuma looks uncertain as he always appears on the court, and this makes him be not sure about his future because the magistrates are the ones who will decide his future. This is where the country is starting to be divided about this issue because the old man is loved but many people at the party.

After defying the Concourt decision to appear at the Zondo commission Zuma has been the person that is willing to spill the beans and expose those who have been, doing bad things during his term and Mbeki term when he was brutally abused of corruption after he was removed from his position as the deputy president.

The Concourt will decide on the request of the Zondo commission that Zuma must be sent to prison for two years for not showing up, in the commission after he was summoned by them to appear that day. But the former president decided that he won’t come to the commission before deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo rescues himself from that position.

But Zondo denied doing that and this made Zuma walk out of the commission before he can give his testimony about what happened, about his relationship with the Guptas family who have been accused of stealing millions of money from this country.

One of the things that the family is accused of is the influence that they had on the decision of hiring ministers and government officials who are members of the Anc, but things went bad when this family was exposed to this allegation where they had to escape from this country.

The former president will have to enjoy the comfort of his home tonight because he might go to jail tomorrow, this will be a huge blow for the country if Zuma goes to jail tomorrow because the Anc will lose a lot of support.

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