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Watch | Polo Drivers Are Now Driving With These Weapons To Fight Back At Car Hijackers



Although driving any car of any make here in the streets of South Africa be making the driver and thier passangers some sort of potential car hijack victims for the hijackers seems to hijack everything with 4 wheels and an engine.If there is one type of car which the owners never cease to loose to the hijackers,well that one type of car is Vw polo.

For years people have been loosing their hard-earned polo cars to the thugs only to find them stripped for parts in a matter of minutes or sometimes hours whilst some loose them for good.The polo owners have tried fighting this over the years by getting tracking devices fitted in thier cars but that never worked as the thugs strip them off too.

So after fighting a loosing battle over the years they seem to have another plan to fight for their cars and this time around many hijackers won’t be going home alive their attempts of hijacking certain polo guys.

Take a look at what polo guys have been driving around with lately.

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