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“See” what a father did to his 11-years-old daughter’s body in Khayelitsha that left people in shock



It says it’s enough to be beaten by a two-year-old girl from Khayelitsha town. Complaining about its pain and announcing that the problem started the day he arrived his clothes were removed and put private parts on other clothes.

′′ My mom used to wash clothes at night to get hurt the next morning, but I was shocked when I saw my clothes put aside “, she said. His sin was asking why his clothes were not damaged and he called himself a beat. ′′ I never decided to ask my father told me not to ask him stupidity because he was the one who ruined clothes, took a stick and hit me “, said. He drove by when he hit him he had words to say he was going to kill him.

′′ I don’t know what my dad hates me and my mom doesn’t do anything because he’s also been beaten in hospital while his dad was hit by his dad.” He drove with his brother under years old. ′′ We are all in trouble in this house, because my father has sticks he bought himself and where he told us he will kill us with them.”

The wish of this girl is to find a place where she won’t be beaten. ′′ I want a place because I can see that I continue to stay at home and die, I’m enough to be beaten for nothing “, said. She announced she would be very happy if she could get a job so she can take her brother who was beaten by her dad. ′′ I just graduated as I was doing HR, but I never took my pictures because my dad told me he has no money to play with him.”

The victim of being beaten by his father was raised by his grandmother and met his father in ′′ If God kept my grandmother and I continue living with him, I don’t even know the sin I am being beaten.” His father is fifteen years old and he is a drunk person. ′′ Please help us just to tell us he will beat us and kill us, even though we don’t know what we are being beaten.”

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