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Somalians Will Be The End Of South Africa: See What They Were Caught Doing This Time



Many foreigners come to South Africa to do business and open spaza shops .The somalians are the ones who like operating spaza shops especially in townships.There are thoundsands of spaza shops in townships which are owned by the somalians and Ethiopian.

However the Somalians are selling counterfeit goods to local South Africans .Instead of buying the original products they make their own and sell.them to people .From drinks, canned food most of it is fake .Even medicine. They gain 100% profit on these fake goods so thats why they keep on selling them .Also they sell them at a cheap price to attract customers.South Africans will leave original products and go buy the fake products all because of cheap prices .

Some of these products can be deadly but SA government is doing nothing about it .The food inspectors also never check up on these shops , they are letting them do whatever they want even after various complaints from locals about fake goods .If nothing is done soon these fake products will be the end of South Africans .

Also local South Africans dont learn .Even if they now know that these products sold by the foreigners are fake they continue supporting them ,thats why they will never stop selling fake good because you continue buying .But if everyone can come together and stand against them and say either they shut down their shops or they sell proper good all of this can come to an end .

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