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What a shock, Baroka chairman reveals top players linked to Pierats



It is a Shock how Baroka FC chairman Khurishi Mphahlele has revealed the future of the player that is wanted by the Orlando Pirates team, he spoke out that for now, they haven’t found out a way how they are going come to conclusion to close the deal.

The player’s name is Goodman Mosele he has been hot for two seasons now and he is surely ready to go to Soweto as that is where everyone goes when they get too hot in the league. Baroka came from the first division a couple of years ago and they just managed to get stronger every season.

The Chairman has spoken out that Orlando Pirates is keen on keeping the player but they also like the player too and they would want to keep him forever but his star power is getting bigger than the team itself.

The small team Baroka has been in the league for multiple years, we are sure that they are here to stay forever. The Limpopo Polokwane team is owned by a very rich man who loves football with his whole life that he chose football over peace.

The top player Goodman Mosele is just talented in all different areas, he is only 21 years old which means his future is just bright, he is going to be able to last for multiple years. A couple of millions have been put on the table as they discuss the future of Goodman.

It is an exciting time right now in football because the transfer window is open and teams are looking to strengthen their teams and bring them back to par to the level that they want to be located on and be more appealing to the world after pirates.

Khurishi Mphahlele is a businessman with multiple successful businesses that are located all over the country, three million is nothing to him, he can just lose it and go make more.

If he sells Goodman it is not because he is hungry and he is in desperate need of money, he is just doing it simply because he feels that it is good for the player to move on and go explore where he would like to play at and grow his football, money and family life quickly because football usually ends quicker than most players understand.

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