Watch: The Queen actor ‘Mlungisi’ Siphesihle Vazi brags on how he looks fancy in real life with a TikTok video.

Despite joining, The Queen a few months ago, Siphesihle Vazi is already one of the most loved actors, thanks to his outstanding skills. Siphesihle plays the role of a young man who is new to Johanessburhg after spending his whole life in the rural areas. To show his solid rural background, Mlungisi is the only one among his brothers to fail to have a girlfriend despite being rich.

His fashion style resembles a rural boy out of touch with the current Johannesburg fashion. As a testament to how backwards he looks on the show, Mlungisi is still struggling to find a girlfriend despite spending a lot of money. Siphesihle likely noticed a character he was creating for himself outside the show. He then takes it to TikTok to brag and show the fans how fancy he can look in real life.

Siphesihle Vazi looking fancy
Siphesihle Vazi – Image Credit: instagram.com/siphesihlevazi/

The Queen actor ‘Mlungisi’ Siphesihle Vazi brags about how he looks fancy in real life.

In a TikTok video, Mlungisi bragged about how he looks fancy in real life, leaving fans in shock. The video confuses many fans as they could not know if he was showing off or joking. He wore nice sunglasses, a white round-neck t-shirt and a brown jacket. Indeed the outfit looked gorgeous on the thirty-year-old actor. His fans from The Queen loved to see Mlungisi looking so fancy.

Watch The Queen actor ‘Mlungisi’ Siphesihle Vazi brags about how he looks fancy.


You’re fancy heh 😎

♬ original sound – Siphesihle Vazi

Mlungisi ‘Siphesihle Vazi’ on The Queen.

On the show, Mlungisi is a no-nonsense among Brutus’s sons, who are learning their trade in the drug business. He loves violence and doesn’t take no for an answer. Arguably, Mlungisi is his father’s favourite in making things done. His only focus is on cementing the Khoza name as the best wherever he is, and he can’t allow a woman to distract him.

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