Character Reveal! Sthembiso SK Khoza is about to take it all off for us on the Black Door. If you have been living under a rock, then read on.

Sthembiso has been in the running to play this character, and a few weeks back, Black rain revealed that he was locking heads with his brother Abdul Khoza for this role.

Last week, viewers were asked to vote for the brother they wanted to see on the show.

It turns out that SK took this one.

He released the video of himself walking into the Black Door as Sabelo, and it’s about to get sizzling hot.

Sabelo is a character that will make all the women want to be with him and the men want to be with him.

The man will give Khaya a run for his money on The Black Door. He will take some, if not most, of his clients.

Sabelo is not coming to the Black Door for the money; he has a vendetta against Ribs and will settle this score.

Khaya is feeling the heat, and so is Romeo; he can’t help but finds Sabelo attractive. Romeo is going to crush so hard that he ends up telling his eye candy, but he will be disappointed.

Sabelo and Khaya are going head to head.

SK Khoza
SK Khoza: Image source @Instagram

Khaya will try to get his job back from the Black Door, and he won’t be happy with what he discovers when he gets there.

As we all know, Khaya’s bus has blown up, and the bus company still wants monthly payments; Khaya has to get some form of income to keep his head above water.

Rebecca is now holding a leash on Khaya because he needs his job more than ever.

Watching the video SK has shared, Sabelo will turn up the heat. He walks into the room, and the camera tilts up slowly and reveals the most handsome man in the world.

Next, we see him dancing in an exotic way on the pole and taking off his clothes.
All eyes are on him.

SK describes Sabelo as Cunning, Calculator and Smooth in a serious and very dangerous mission.

Whatever his mission is, his fans are ready for him.

Watch SK making his way into The Black Door as Sabelo:

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