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Piet Rampedi insists that his Tembisa 10 story was real



The situation of the Tembisa 10 has turned another we’re the journalist who covered the story says that his story is real and he wants the evidence, from the Department of health because he has been accused of many people saying that he was lying and his story was not true at all.

But the guy standing on the ground saying the ten babies were born and that has happened in Gauteng, who to believe now as this story takes another turn because they are a lot of rumors going through we’re many people are starting to be confused.

It’s more complicated than before because the department of health still insists that this is not true and they is no such thing on their records but now, with leaders like Julius Malema saying that Rampedi story is real and he did a good job.

Some say that these children have been stolen so that they can make money out of it and this has added more fuel onto fire because nobodyy is sure, of this story anymore as a lot of speculation is going around the country about the status of this case.

The mother of the children has also come out gun blazing looking for her children but nothing has happened, as the hospital and department are denying itself but Rampedi sticks to his story saying it’s real and he has done a lot of work on it.

This is a story that anyone would like to hear because the country was happy and celebrating the blessings, that this woman got when he gave birth to this wonderful child in this country where many people were ready to celebrate.

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