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Malema hits the Anc so bad



Julius Malema has hit the Anc we’re it hits the most and that is where they are getting their powers from when they are campaigning for the upcoming elections which has been helping them all this year’s, but now the commander of the EFF slams them for neglecting the poor.

And has been gaining more votes in rural areas and villages where disadvantaged people are situated and they have been using this for many years where they promise people many things and after the elections, they just disappear without giving their people updates.

On the eve of the birthday of EFF Malema started to reveal shocking information about why he went down to Nkandla to see Jacob Zuma for a tea meeting, which attracted a lot of people across the country who were happy to see these two uniting again after long months of hatred.

President Zuma taught us to respect the constitution of this country, says fearless Malema who was addressing some of his people at that event which was very entertaining for most comrades who were attending it during the celebration of their party.

He continued by saying that the reason why he visited Zuma was that he was trying to convince him to appear before the Zondo commission, but things didn’t go well as Zuma chooses not to go to that commission that has been dealing with the state capture that was happening under Zuma watch.

Malema has been the prophet of politics for a long time were he warn many people against recent activities that were about to hit the country and now all of these things are happening, which has started to be one of the regrettable moments for the government of why they didn’t listen to Malema.

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