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Jacob Zuma health is very bad



Jacob Zuma has been admitted at the hospital today near Escourt prison where he was serving his 15 months prison which will be ended next year, but things have become worse for Zuma as he battles with his health that has seriously affected his jail time and he might get out of prison soon.

This might also go n favor of him where he can be granted parole soon due to his health because the age is not on his side and this might cause the department to feel pretty for him, we’re Ronald Lamola and Cyril Ramaphosa might be forced to make some major decision.

But with the current situation that the former president is going through now, there’s no doubt that he might get out of prison any time so that he can go to the family where he can get the help that is needed, so that he can become better and be healed from this sickness that has caused havoc for him.

Many people didn’t take Zuma’s arrest lightly because they have protested across the country demanding that he must be released from prison, where he serves his sentence due to defying the court orders of not appearing before the state commission earlier this year due to corruption.

The situation in Nkandla is very tense because his children are still trying everything to take their father out of prison so that he can enjoy his pension, after long years of serving the people of this country during the apartheid era and now he has been trying to share his wisdom to others.

Can Zuma finally get his early release from prison because of this sickness that has hit him now, because it’s obvious that the old man cannot handle the pressure that he gets from prison? This might also be helpful because it might be caused serious damages to anything that happens to him.

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