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Family meeting| Ramaphosa might surprise many people tomorrow



The president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa will address the country tomorrow on Sunday and they are a lot of expectations from many people in the country who has been affected by this speech, and many people might be surprised tomorrow as the president will be given a full statement of what has happened in the past weeks.

Many people are still suffering from this virus and with the recent looting that has happened last week, many people are still traumatized by this incident which is very dangerous because the spreading of the virus on those areas has been one of the things that the president will have to look at so that people can be saved.

Ramaphosa will have to be strictly on those matters because he will be deciding on the interest of many people across the country so that they can be safe in the comfort of their own houses, which is very concerning for many people who are trying to get jobs.

The president of the country will have to lead by example and take full responsibility of the challenges that are affecting the people that he leads, this means that the country must be in a stable economic zone so that people won’t struggle when it comes on getting food on the table.

It might be a surprise for many people tomorrow on how the president will be handling this issue which has been a nightmare for many people, and most people are not sure what the president will adjust tomorrow as he addresses the people of this country.

People are eager to hear about the Srd grants on how the president will be allowing the unemployed people to receive them again as they are facing poverty in this country and with the protest that took place, many people want to benefit something from the government.

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