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Bus driver shot on a mouth by Taxi drivers in Langa



It ended very badly in Langa after a bus driver nearly lost his mouth during the shouting that took place this week when taxi drivers were fighting each other, and the bullets from the gun went straight to the mouth the bus driver got injured very badly on a taxi war that should have been avoided.

This has caused a lot of fears in the street of the mother city after passengers experienced one of the heartfelt moments towns when town sets were flying around the township, and other people were also caught by these bullets in the streets of Langa which raises the number of people who have been injured on this incidents.

They are a lot of work that has to be done in the taxi industry because people cannot be victims of such behavior from the taxi bosses who are fighting four routes, and they want to gain more money by killing each other which is very violent looking n how this business has been struggling.

The government has also tried to fix these issues that affect the industry but nothing has happened and people still need a solution that can solve this problem, because this industry will be facing challenges in the years to come we’re it might fall.

This might be a challenge that may take long before it can be solved because they are many things that the taxi bosses, have to look at, like allowing the government to intervene in this problem so that many people can be sade.

It was reported that the taxi owners are still in negotiations to deal with this matter so that they can be a conclusion when they are going forward, because it will also affect the passengers where they will fall as the victims of this shooting in the area.

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