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Zuma is getting the respect that he needs



Jacob Zuma is still the most loved person in this country this day where many people showed their love for him on social media platforms about how they are missing him where he is still in prison serving his 15 months sentenced, which he was given by the constitutional court.

Many people still regard him as their president and their father figure where they are missing him by the contribution he has made on fighting the freedom of this country, and this has helped him to have a special relationship with his supporters who will do anything to save him.

The unrest that took place in the country two months back has shown how people are loving the former president where they were protesting on the roads demanding, that he must be released from prison so that he can spend his time with his family during these difficult times of the pandemic.

It’s still early to predict how Zuma will be granted parole due to the health situation that he is facing because he has been under the care of doctors for a while now, who are still trying to make sure that he stays healthy and this is what his supporters need to see every day.

The respect that people give to Zuma shows how the former president is very important to the country and he has also changed the lives of many people in this country, where he has introduced free education to all tertiary institutions which have given many children hope across the country.

His role as the father figure to many young people in the country makes him special because everyone is looking onto him where they are seeking parental advice from him and this has helped many children a lot, as they remain motivated at all times when they are facing challenges.

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