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Is Ramaphosa feeling the preassure of running the country, some of his picture can tell you something



Cyril Ramaphosa is the head of state and the number of citizen of the country where the people of this country have given him all the responsibility to lead this country, and make some difficult decisions that can make the country suffer and the people struggle some days.

Public figures like Cyril Ramaphosa have been trained to always smile towards people and share jokes with others so that people can feel comfortable, but if you see someone like him been serious during the event or taken frustration to other people then you must know there’s a problem in the country.

Every decision that Ramaphosa makes affects the country which can make the petrol prices and food prices go high which is good for the currency, that’s why people like him must always be happy so that he can inspire other people who lead major departments in this country.

Most people are getting worried when the president is not looking good and some look very funny because sometimes the pictures can make you laugh like when the president has lost his Ipad years ago, which started to cause headlines on all news platforms in the country.

But they some naughty South Africa who will come with their naughty creativity that can make you laugh sometimes where they can draw a cartoon describing the mood of the president, through pictures where most people will look onto it and laugh again and some of this pictures can tell you how what the president is thinking.