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Zuma’s court case takes ugly twist as secret gets revealed



More headaches for Jacob Zuma as he receives little to no peace despite his current gradual worsening health. Meanwhile, he is almost under every spotlight from his recent release aka medical parole made more sense to the public eye but something was amiss all along as more is revealed.

Background story :

Jacob Zuma’s arrest was shortened given his current medical conditions, it is said that he is too sick to be jailed without medical care on his side – so he got released from the shackles of prison.

Although most might think this is special treatment that is being given to Zuma but logic tells otherwise. The former president is too old and such complications are expected to impede the sentence.

Zuma’s lawyers are currently handling the matter and doing damage control over the situation. While the accused might face the music by revealing important information about Zuma, of which isn’t to be brought forth to the public ears as it is confidential.

The court case takes an ugly twist but at the end Zuma gets the last laugh.

Do you think the prosecutor did the right thing by revealing confidential information intended for personal use?

Do you believe he deserves to face charges by revealing such a secret?

Is this fair if the court uses the information against Zuma? We’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

What will be the end result of such complications? Will there ever be peace for Jacob Zuma and his family at all?

We as a nation, wish him a steady recovery.

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