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The journey of a young attorney and a conveyancer: Rebecca Jocobeth Mohale



Rebecca was born and bred at Mariveni, a village in Limpopo just outside Tzaneen. She is a 3rd born in her family with two siblings. Rebecca grew up in a family which always believed in God , they always had to put God first in everything they do. She went to Tito Mboweni Primary School and further went to Zivuko Senior Secondary where she matriculated. she then went to further her studies at the University of Venda to study LLB Degree.

During an interview , Rebecca mentioned how difficult the journey was, she said that journey of becoming an attorney and a Conveyancer is not as easy as one may anticipate , it really takes lot of dedication and sacrifices. She further emphasised on the financial frustrations which comes as a pack of becoming an attorney and a Conveyancer.

Rebecca Jocobeth Mohale

She stressed out that being a qualified lawyer really takes a lots of reading and dedication before reaching your goal and even after you have completed your Degree, you still have to do more readings throughout the whole journey as Laws are implemented each day and you need to stay updated at all times just to keep up with the South African Laws.

“Growing up I was well mannered and I encountered God from a young age, which I can say that having God in my life pushed me to get to where I am today. My mom , the bulldozer “Mambula Ndlela” paved my journey and she believed in my dreams, not to mention the love and support my brother, sister, partner, friends and my extended family “The Mohales” gave me. “she said .

Miss Mohale said deciding to persue Law was just a matter of personal passion not necessarily inspired by anyone,however along the way She got to be inspired by the late Adv Sipho Bvuma, who was a Magistrate then. Bvuma’s passion for Law, his dedication in dealing with different cases and his desire to bring Justice is what really inspired her .

The challenges Ms. Mohale went through are quite a lot, but to mention a few, she almost got paralysed where she was told that She will be in the wheelchair . This happened when she was playing sports at the university and she had to stay at home until she fully recovered.

Fortunately enough God made a way for her. Again she mentioned that she got burned on her face while cooking, this was during her final exams at the University. She went totally blind for few weeks but again God saw her through all these episodes.

Miss Mohale did her Pratrical Legal Training in Polokwane. She also mentioned that she struggled for 2 years to secure articless and she later managed to secure articles where she served for 2 years. She also wrote and passed her board exams and That was when she was admitted as an attorney in 2019.

As she loves succeeding , she went ahead and attempted Conveyancing exams for the first time and didn’t make it at first attempt but she didn’t loose hope, She went and wrote again for the second time where she passed. In 2021 she got admitted as a Conveyancer where she became the 3rd Conveyancer in her village.

Well, as someone who grew up very close to her I asked her to give advice to young people who would like to persue Law as their professional career and this is what she said

“All I can say is that I could not be anything else more than what I had hoped to be. It all depends on what you wish for yourself as they say as far as you can see you shall posses. I just want to say that being a dreamer, your dreams and goals are valid and you are destined for greatness. My ultimate goal was to develop my self and to leave a great legacy and footprints even after I pass. One writer wrote as I quote “when you see people accomplish things you did not know were possible, it should be an invitation to re-examine the limitations you imposing on yourself, do better”.

“My background always pushed me to inspire those who grew or are growing up in the same or worse condition like I did. So to conclude I can say it doesn’t matter where you come from but what matters most is where you are going”.

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