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Bishop Makamu is on the wrong side again



Reatsotella is one of the popular shows in the country where many people have started to watch it because of the recent activities that Bishop Makamu was involved in in the past months, we’re sex scandals nearly destroyed his future due to the sexual harassment case that was opened against him.

But this case has worked in Makumu’s favor because many people have started to recognize him and some want to see how he is holding up after the situation that he was going through, and this time many people were left angry about the way he was handling some issues on the show.

People took that frustration on the social media platforms where they have said that Makamu is trying to blame the lady that was expressing her concerns.

Some have started to say that this matter didn’t need Makamu to handle because of the gender issues.

But pastors have been trained to handle this kind of thing so that they won’t they can come up with a solution that can resolve the problem that people are facing.

This might be one of the mistakes that Makamu needs to look at so that he can resolve these cases in the weeks to come

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