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Steve Kekane has passed away



South Africans are mourning the death of the famous musician who has lost his life today due to illness, Steve Keane has been so instrumental in the music industry since 1980 where he was most loved by the youth of these days.

Steve Kekana was well known for his famous song to take your love which was hitting the airwaves in the 1980s, where the radio during those days was limited to play black music which teaches people about the bad things about the government of apartheid.

He was a lawyer by profession and his state of health didn’t stop him to come above all odds of becoming better and have a great future upon him, and this has inspired many people to have faith that they can reach their dreams.

The message of condolences is starting to pour in on his family as they start to mourn for this great legend who has dominated the industry with his talent, now it’s very sad to hear about how this wonderful has died.

Kekana was also honored by the industry on many music events that were hosted every year, and one of his best performances was when he performed on the Multichoice viewer’s choice awards last year, this has put his name on the map.

It’s not good to see how musicians are dying this day because of the Covid19 infections and to lose someone like Kekane again, is very sad looking at how he was trying to explore his law profession.

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