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Skeem Saam: Meiki’s anger gets better of her



Last night’s episode of Skeem Saam left everyone gasping for air.

Today’s season 9 finale was as lit as it comes. Kwaito, MaNtuli, John, Joyce and Sfiso went to get the DNA tests done to confirm whether Kwaito was John’s child or not. The Doctor confirmed that the probability of John Maputla being Kwaito’s father was 99.9 % and this once again sent Kwaito outside.

Meikie was also on her way to be part of the reading of the results but because John had left his cellphone home, she brought it with her so as to give it to him (we assume). This is when a message with flight details to Scotland popped up. Meikie lost it for reasons unknown. Perhaps she thought John was leaving her and her kids to play happy family in Scotland.

Meikie had her gun with her and when she saw John comforting Kwaito outside of the centre where they got the results, she cocked her gun and got ready for war. MaNtuli ran after kwaito. This is when Meikie got trigger happy and aimed at Kwaito and MaNtuli. The mother and son duo collapsed immediately at the scene and were rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention.

MaNtuli was rushed into the theatre where bullets were removed and Kwaito is in ICU where he is fighting for his life. Meikie was taken to the holding cells and her gun was confiscated.

We cannot however say that we did not see this one coming. Meikie has been throwing around that gun of hers, it was only a matter of time before she actually kills someone. That thumb of hers was itching very hard and she just had to scratch her itch.

While Kwaito is busy fighting for his life, his girlfriends are also STILL fighting like cats and dogs. Glenda still thinks Lizzy wants her man and so is doing everything in her power to make sure that whatever that these former lovebirds had is done with but who can blame Glenda, she has been with Kwaito from the varsity days and she has seen him at his worst and best. Now that everything seemed to be working fine (until Kwaito was fired) Lizzy wants to come in and take all of her hard (not that she had any to do).

Glenda is taking it a bit too far though. This whole thing is making her seem desperate and that is not a good look because Lizzy is only showing up when needed and she is not clingy. Perhaps that’s why Kwaito is drawn to her so in a way Glenda’s anger is misplaced because the person doing the chasing is Kwaito. Lizzy is not entertaining that man accept when his life is in danger.

Well now that Meikie is locked up, do you think MaNtuli and Kwaito are going to make it?

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