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Somizi must return to idols,people demand his return to the show



Somizi is a type of person that you cannot ignore easy because of the style that he brings to the entertainment industry and the fashion that he fell in love with in the past years, where he has won the hearts of many South Africans by been the Mc on the biggest events in the country.

One of the events that got people talking is when he hosted the Sama awards with Dineo Ranaka where he showed the best fashion in the night, which has helped him to attract many high profiles in the entertainment industry after that event which has been watched by many people.

The complication that was going on in his marriage almost cost him a lot because he was suspended from his job as the idol’s judge, which has made people angry. After all they wanted their favorite Somizi back in the show so that he can keep many viewers happy.

Business people have seen something special in Somizi which has made them book him on their events every week because he keeps on making people coming to those events, which is good for business because they make a lot of profits as many people followers him as a brand.

Somizi is also a choreographer where he deals a lot about dancing which he has returned to these days because of the challenges that he faced on his job, were the rumors that were going on between him and Mahale ruined everything for him and he had to look for other careers that he can work.

But the future looks bright for this man because he has everything that many people wants in this country and this might work for him during these difficult times, where he will be getting many gigs around the country as we have entered into the spring season which will be a month of many events.

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