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Sassa Child Support Grant : From R460 to R624 said the Researchers



The economy of SA is one of the highest in world wide yet people living in it are living in poverty.

The researchers found that the child support grant which is 460 is way too small too support a child because everyone Is expensive and prices are increasing daily .

On November 2021 when the budget of South Africa then that when people will come to know If each child is truly going to get 624 or maybe only R10 will be added on the 460 they are getting on monthly basis. It’s not like the government doesn’t have the money because the unemployed are earning 350 and more than 50% of youth are unemployed.

The government is known to ensure that the rights and needs of the people are taken care of but looking at South Africa there’s too much poverty and people are still living in the rural settlements where there’s no electricity and water and again public schools are where there’s lack of study materials basically lack ofj education .

We are hoping that people’s needs will be taken into consideration because the economy is dropping bit by bit and now people are getting jobless because of CORONA so people do need money to actually have at least proper meals and not fat bank accounts.

People of SA let’s wait for the budget in November to know where children who receive support grant will actually be standing.

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